Professional version only Extended functionality based on these kernals is also available to Professional users. During installation a dialog box provides details to the user about what is being done. This application has additional capabilities compared to the standard ShortCut tool. It shows the status of the current devices, any error info and progress during file loads. Key-in 64HDD This is the application that will perform the keying operation. EXE where xxx is the file extension created by the PrintEngine. GEOS is case sensitive when it comes to application names.

64hdd professional

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This must be the case as during a swap, 64HDD uses the bus to communicate with the other devices. For what ;rofessional program actually does in its present form please refer to the Configuration, Command Reference and Specification sections.

64HDD – PC hard drive for your Commodore 64

To help provide the user with an overview of professionql functions, not necessarily the syntax, a summary of these features is outlined below: This application should be copied to all your disks.

The new directory is created branching from the current path. Nor, do some programs allow you to enter disk commands so that you can re-assign which disk image is attached to the current disk. Remember that other important information may be found in the readme. The actual drive was physically capable of formatting more that 35tracks, in fact it could easily be made to format 40tracks. The results can be viewed in the MSD.


Robin Harbron » Blog Archive » 64HDD on the Tiny Pro?

Other freeware tools are available if you want to use only on FAT16 formatted disks. It indicates that the block to be allocated has been previously allocated.

To avoid disappointment, users are encouraged to test compatibility using the GEOS fast-serial disk driver that is distributed from the 64HDD website. It may have been caused by an illegal block number, or the header has been destroyed. Volkov[vcsw. Code is being developed by Nicholas Coplin, Email: This could be modified to suit the particular program, and you could create one per game and include the drive number swap code.

Presently only the C64 and C are support, but with time it is hoped to adopt the method to the other Commodore computers used with 64HDD. The table below outlines some the schemes employed and how compatible they are with the disk images supported by 64HDD. These steps can be automated by using a loader and the dynamic keyboard technique.

There are some basic rules to follow. As for regular directory requests Examples: Commodore 64 disk systems and printers.

In C mode, 64HDD will also beep as the burst load command is tested for, but loading will continue as normal after this. You can daisy chain other CBM peripherals as normal. Valid for emulation mode D81 and 64HDD partition table. Depending upon your system is it recommended to use extended memory, and as much of it as is available since 64HDD make no other use of it.


64hdd professional

During installation try the slowest first, then progressively experiment with the faster ones until you identify that loads become unreliable. Archive List and Date Stamp 0. The parameters indicate the track and sector available with the next highest number.

64hdd professional

If 64HDD users have configured their system properly, 64udd partition number can be used as a universal way of locating the file. For each print job, two files are created.

C64 Projects, Commodore 64, (c) Nicholas COPLIN

This message will occur if the total characters in the record including the final carriage return exceeds the professionzl size. Note that some aftermarket kernel ROM upgrades and cartridges are incompatible. The general usage of the command is as shown below: The tool also lets you assign common names to short-cuts and to configure multi-disk programs.

64hdd professional

Maurice Randall has released the driver code for the Wheels disk drivers, so it should be possible to modify this to work with 64HDD.