Should take a break! Your work is so great. Finally when she cannot hold back anymore, she asked mother, where do our loved ones go when they leave us to which mother says they never leave us, they are always besides us. She lost weight as she is not able to sleep due to the noise peacocks are making. This little girl knows killing the peacock would mean losing it. I think I have started to over think everything I read these days.

amma puchdi sun dhiye meriye

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Hey Rajesh, Did you mean have the lyrics typed out in Devanagari script?

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Instead she asks to keep it in case so that she merihe be sure that the peacock is safe and not just peacock but the peahen as well. May be it was just to maintain the meter of the song. Thanks for the correction. I am from Himachal.

The previous disclaimer still holds.

amma puchdi sun dhiye meriye

Notify me of new comments via email. So, the songs mostly that you hear are sung and composed in a dialect which is predominant in the upper Himachal.

As you rightly pointed out, It was really nice of all the others above to share their views and provide some insight into the song. She suggests her mother through metaphors that the peacock should be caged in marriage.


amma puchdi sun dhiye meriye

And once the post is out there, I guess the experts in the language will hopefully help make the translation better. Tell me what you think! Should take a break! Himachal Pradesh being a diverse state, each 12 districts of it have their own dhiyr of the pahadi language. Hi Parth I do puchdo have much context on the origins of the song, but your take on the song is very similar to what Shelly mentioned in her comment too you can find it if you scroll up a few comments: Found your explanation as most well siited to this song.

Thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts! I ammma never have thought of the song that way, but it makes sense. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Do you have a blog? I hope I am not asking for a lot. I have heard similar stories about mandarin from my Chinese friends too, except in their case the written language is still somewhat preserved.

Amma Puchdi Sun Dhiye Meriye Pooja Rangra Himachali Folk Song Pahari Folk

Thank you Nikhil for dropping by and taking the time to share this info. Hi Pradeep, Thank jeriye so much for dropping by and I am glad you found these lyrics helpful. Welcome to my blog.


Actually my mother is Pahadi and we have lived in Shimla for 6 years. Thank you for sharing the story.

Par bale jangal me jo mor rahta hai… Usne nind gava di hai…. But, this explains it. To point out why have you grown weak? Kuthi janda chandra ma, kuthi jaande tare ho, oh dhiue jee kuthi jaande dilaan de pyaare ho.

amma puchdi sun dhiye meriye Chords – Chordify

That is an amazing parallence if you come to think about it. Email Address never made public.

amma puchdi sun dhiye meriye

I was wondering why it ended like it did. Thank you for dropping by. Do you speak this language? And came across this song today in our annual office fest where an unknown girl sung it.