Since you continued, I will also take care that you receive a charge for trademark violations. RiV- you will see it when documentation arrives to Germany. I neither have time to argue with copycat, i paid lawyer for this process and he will continue this all. I am neither a lawyer. Does RiV live in the US? Says a guy who dunno if he has enough skill for coming and being developer for AGO. The post was edited 1 time, last by Shole Sep 13th , 5:

antigame ogame

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Also you’ll be the first to get the newest updates and test new Beta versions before they are released to Final version. But if you want to go that road, do it. We will solve this trough legal way. I neither have time to argue with copycat, i paid lawyer for this process and he will continue this all.

antigame ogame

I have adapted code for Ogame v6, At that time antigame was not registered, i done all legal stuff to register it and prevent from copying what you done now. So DMCA is not applicable at all. Official AGO Discord server: The post was edited 3 times, last by RiV- Sep 13th6: Antigaem you would like to use all features of this site, it is mandatory to enable JavaScript.


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Now, according to license. You are just not same person, i know since i would never gave that opportunity to person which you became now. The post was edited 1 time, last by Shole Sep 13th5: Facebook 0 Twitter 0 Google Plus 0 Reddit 0. It is in my ownership, and I have documentation for that, what will you see very soon. Honestly, did you even engage a lawyer?

Besides oagme, after some time thinking about this, I antigaame not see why the copyrights for the AGO sourcecode should be in your hands, Shole. They said they will ahtigame it down for insecure innerHTML in meanwhile, what doesn’t change anything that there will be consequences. For the most part, this will only be bug fixes, so that you can continue to use AGO without any problem.

Several legal things broken here, AGO isn’t public code, than you can make a copy of it, you can’t change a code AntiGame registered on my name and its code behind protected against copy.

Was not sure whether or not I antiigame laugh or facepalm, so I decided for a sheep. Google didn’t responded yet to DCMA breach, but lawyer is taking care. Make sure to backup your settings before deleting the old AGO and installing this one.

DMCA is not applicable in Germany. I am the one who continued development when Francolino left. In germany there is equivalent for copyright breach.


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Your browser has JavaScript disabled. Doesn’t change anything, you can’t publish modify versions of AntiGame according to licence.

antigame ogame

Change log version 6. Users Online 2 2 Guests. Yes you are missing a lot.

If you have problems with AGR, this is the place where you’ll get quick support. The licensing of AGO is totally broken, from my point of view, it does not have any valid license at all, so the legal situation should from my point of view be totally unclear, especially as you published the sourcecode on GitHub and invited people to work with you on it. This tool is now tolerated.

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Yesterday Mozilla received court document, their lawyer also needs to check document before sending you DCMA notice. And all your argumentation here is just foobar, honestly. However, the issue should be solved now and a new AGO version is now available.