Theme created by Justin S. Your video is at 15 fps. Could you further elaborate how this works? Yep, it’s being merged bit by bit. Dec 8, 1, 0 0. It looks like the latest git revision added a nice feature that I’ve been waiting for quite some time, which is an adjustable custom framerate limiter , ala PCSX2.


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Under overly fantastic ideal situations, you could possibly get to around 40 seconds. Was messing with this a few weeks ago, and was really surprised by how well this emulator works. Ah snap, forgot about this thread. No, create an account now. They should really merge it into main branch already so I can test both audio and compatibility at once, because right now the builds are always behind.

Open QuickBMS, select the cpk.

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Since those builds are unofficial it might have some bugs. May 14, 22, 1 0. Well then change the ay3tool.exe extension into cpk,download quickbms and create the bms script for cpk file thats on the same website where quickbms is,then just extract. Save states can’t be transferred across revisions, so it’s only a stop gap solution I do agree it runs like a dream though. So aside from at3tol.exe anime, I’ve been spending the last week or two making a program that would in theory make my life easier.



I just found that thing today, I let you know if works well In any case, that is the icon1. I want to know if it works in 58second length of video? Every revision has that folder to put that tool in it but I don’t notice anything.

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There’s a good number of games with music. Can it be stable? Once again, because the file you provided had the same issues as the last one, I had to look for the source video again, and remade the cuts, which apparently made it slightly longer since I cut them at frame changes. At3topl.exe Member May 10, The answer is still no.

Theme created by Justin S. Thread starter Polari Start date Apr 20, For best results you probably will need Sonic Stage or OpenMG installed too since it might decode some atrac files that the at3tool. Some games might not have audio tho, this special build of PPSSPP is still in development but it already decodes at3 audio for a lot of games. Speedwagon Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel. Nov 14, 3, Walnut, CA. Go to the tmp folder of jcpsp, in here you should see a folder called NPJH 5.


Anything between seconds and you are probably pushing your luck and almost bound to go over the filesize limit. Could be mitigated with a decent theme or something, but stock isn’t pretty Facebook Twitter Reddit Email Link. You should be cutting it when both channels zero out or worst case, manually fade both of them out.

PPSSPP + at3tool.exe decoder (tutorial to get music with PPSSPP – NO LONGER NEEDED)

Ok thanks that worked. With sound and music. If you use this file, I would rather not be in the credits. No music at the moment.