A year before the war started in Bosnia and Herzegovina they decided to abandon the city and search for a better life, somewhere where their love won’t be condemned and where they won’t have to walk with their heads down because of their names or last names. A documentary was filmed about Bosko and Admira. Their bodies remained in the no man’s land for nearly four days before being recovered. She crawled over to her boyfriend, embraced him, hugged him, and died. According to Dino Kapin, who was a Commander of a Croatian unit allied at the time with Bosnian Army forces, around Boy 13 butchered himself with a pen: The evildoers tried to kill Sarajevo and everything in it.

bosko i admira

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Alert in Serbia because of creepy Russian game “Blue Whale”. It was directed by John Zaritsky. She crawled over to her boyfriend, embraced him, hugged him, and died.

bosko i admira

And before the war has started, Bosko’s father died, and mother and brother went to Serbia. Dozvoljavam da mi Telegraf.

Admira and Bosko were buried in Republika Srpska, but their bodies were moved to the Lion city cemetery in Sarajevo after the war. Facebook is rolling out a test to hide your likes. They were raised to be humans above all. The —96 Siege of Sarajevo by the Bosnian Serb Army VRScaused living conditions to deteriorate drastically for its inhabitants and, inthe couple decided to flee the city.


Zabranjeno pušenje – Boško i Admira lyrics + English translation

They had plans for the future, for their life together, wedding, children, their old age… The bloodthirsty criminals without an ounce of humanity decided to destroy their dreams, and dreams of many other people in BiH. Boy 13 butchered himself with a pen: After eight days, the bodies were recovered by Serb forces in the middle of the night. The two are now buried together, side by side in Lion Cemetery, surrounded by thousands of other victims from the siege of Sarajevo.

He stayed in Sarajevo because of her while grenades were falling on the city, and people died on every step. Many wrote about them, songs, articles, stories He has no one in Sarajevo, besides his high school love Admira.

When they insert virus, they ask for money! Please enter your comment! Why would the Serbs shoot at them when they tried to go towards part of the city controlled by Serbs?

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As the bodies lay on the bridge, the Serbs and Bosnian armies argued over who killed the couple and who would ultimately take the responsibility for the killing.

Fatally wounded, she crawled to dead Bosko, hugged him and passed away. She was a Bosniakand he a Bosnian Serb. Seven days after being killed, the qdmira of Serbia dragged their bodies off of the bridge and buried them in Lukavica. I grabbed my camera, but it was too late. May 24, EN Bosnia in the news.


Young and in love, of different religions and nationality in the time with it was almost impossible, they were preparing for the wedding and escape from the unbearable reality. The evildoers tried to kill Sarajevo and everything in it.

bosko i admira

Preporuka za adira Diego has become a Serb in Argentina when we took gold in Athens: Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. It appeared they had been shot some time earlier, but I couldn’t say whether it was minutes or hours earlier. Orthodox religious officials express support to Muslim colleagues over incident.

I showed him a copy of my article, and confirmed the location of the killings. They did not live long enough to see the end of the war. Believing that there is an active ceasefire, they didn’t wait for the night but they went on at 17 h, but they only got to Vrbanj bridge where first bullet from a sniper shot Bosko, and then Admira. Facebook is rolling out a test to hide your likes The couple lay together.