Limit] setting 0 to prevent the aper ture fr om closing belo w the. Y o u will need to set the date and time of the camcor der befor e you can. Y ou can fine-tune the [Daylight] and [T ungsten] settings within a range of. Adjusts the color intensity. Pre-r ecor ding [Pre Rec]: When the camcor der recor ds a clip, it also assigns a 6-c haracter clip. Using a Tripod

canon xf300 manual pdf

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The aperture value set automatically by the camcorder will be retained when you switch back to manual aperture control. Video Scopes Video Scopes The camcorder can display a simplified waveform monitor or vectorscope. The special recor ding modes 0 1 04 give you mor e.

canon xf300 manual pdf

Use the playback control buttons on the handle. Displa ying Onsc re en M arkers.

canon xf300 manual pdf

Activati ng the Wireles s Controll er. This may cause the picture to appear blurred depending on the zoom position. Onscreen Displays Recording Recording Video Onscreen Displays Refer to this section for an explanation of the various screen displays that appear in mode. Menu items without a reference page acnon explained after the tables.


By assigning often-used functions, you can quickly access them with a single press of a button. Adjusting the Volume Page Additional Information This mark identifies genuine Canon video accessories. Use the iris ring to m anually control the apertur e. For modes other than auto, the setting. In such case, set the ND filter to.


Superimposing Onscreen Displays to Appear on an. Use this setting when the camcor der is mounted on a. Using t he ND Filter Refer to the followi ng table for appr oximate zoom speeds of the entir e. Do not defeat the safety purpose of the polarized.

Canon XF300 Instruction Manual

Th e camcor der wi ll automatically r ecor d. On the [Media] status screen 0 18 1 fx300, you can check the av ailable. Pointing the viewfinder l ens at the sun or other strong light sources may. Recordin g the User Bi t of an Extern al Signal. Special Rec ording Modes The camcorder featur es 4 special r ecor ding modes.

Canon Xf 300 Instruction Manual

Sets the waveform monito r to field display mode. See your browser’s documentation for specific instructions. Switch setting Sc reen display. Connecting To An External Monitor Connecting to an External Monitor When xxf300 connect the camcorder to an external monitor for recording or playback, use the terminal on camcorder that matches the one you wish to use on the monitor.


canon xf300 manual pdf

Y ou can select the audio input. You can load those settings at a later date or on xc300 XF or XF camcorder so that you can use that camcorder in that same exact way.

Managing your r ecordi ngs manhal as simple as using the. Autom atic Apertu re Control. Suitable for r ecor ding scenes such as at a par ty with changing.

Viewin g Photos Clip Op eration s