A UML model reporting facility. Download either the JRE 6. Field Name Value Name maven2. Every single developer can lock a part of the model and work on that part individually. Make sure to select the install application specific JRE option.

magicdraw 9.5 community edition

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If you want to analyze structure of existing database you can reverse engineer it via JDBC bridge. Download the MagicDraw However, note that some programs don’t edtion well if there are spaces in their pathname so it is advisable to stick to the general recommendations listed below. Ensure the following communigy variables are set: Create a folder for maven example: Later the changes can be committed to the server and shared with the team.

Field Name Value Name maven2. In this edition, you will find everything you need to draw, edit and publish your UML models.

magicdraw 9.5 community edition

The Professional Edition is ideal for anyone who wants to generate code out of an existing model or create a UML model from an existing project. MagicDraw Community 99.5 is a free edition for developers working on non-commercial projects.

MagicDraw is released

Be sure to replace your user name with your system username. A powerful code engineering tool. Meet Telegram’s animated stickers. The entire UML 1.

A custom OO model generator. It is extremely useful when you want to share your ideas expressed in UML with partners, colleagues, or clients, who do not have their copy of MagicDraw. All pattern can be extended and new pattern can be created using Java or JPython. It is used to run AndroMDA.

Commhnity exampl, cmomunity may choose to install programs on the D: This edition is also equipped with printing and image export capabilities.

Download Visual Paradigm Community Edition

Install Maven Maven is a build tool similar to ant andnant. The default installation paths for these programs are listed below. This tutorial assumes that you have:. More than one developer can work with the same OO model.

No Magic Product News

Commuity details are lost, no matter which way backward or forward you go. Make sure to select the install application specific JRE option. The Standard Edition takes all of the Commnuity Edition’s features and adds to them a WAE, content, and Robustness diagrams, model analysis and facilitation features, customizable and extendable patterns, integrations with most popular IDEs and a set of predefined model templates and UML profiles.

There are a number of directories involved with the various pieces of software installed.

magicdraw 9.5 community edition

Microsoft Visual Studio installed. Here we will download and install the components required for development with AndroMDA. The Standard Edition is ideally suited for all analysts and architects who need various model extensions and modeling facilitations. This edition has printing and image export capabilities enabled. Note mgaicdraw the Express edition will not work as it does not have add-in support. Microsoft SQL Server installed.

magicdraw 9.5 community edition

An OO model analysis tool.


Rocking during the Point of Entry tour In above ; more recently, Judas Priest gathered with supporters. Monk always played other people’s tunes with his own sonic stamp- Broom returns the favor here, saluting the venerable composer with that same sense of adventure. How has the Internet af- fected the way you pro- mote your bands? Realizing that her market was underserved, Miller decided to look for opportunities that secular companies might ignore. MySpace is streaming two tracks from “Guilty Pleasure,” and Grant expects the site to feature the entire album before release dale. We’ve got to try something else this time.

el guero y su banda centenario ven tu mp3

Uploader: Tell
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Occasionally, as in “Tell Me Twice,” Mars overdoses on the sedatives. Magalhaes was also involved in another Agencia-brokered project, Levi’s Music.

user | | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Then I went the next night to see Judas Priest and they had 1 1. So the jazz festival, in a way, has picked up on that spirit and passion of Expo. He is a music agent at Lon- don-based Solo Agency. The titles also rank at Nos.

Jonathan Wolfson’s marketing and pub- lic relations company Wolfson Entertainment launches a management division. The Tech N9ne Experience,” were also released between and All con- cerned with Priest hope the inclusion of two of the set’s songs — “Death” and “Prophecy” — on the “Touch of Evil — Ben release will rekindle interest in the album.

Vagrant’s campaign is “going to be focused- — that’s what a lot of labels lose,” Cohen says.

el guero y su banda centenario ven tu mp3

One entertainment insurance industry insider says that if Jackson died from a drug overdose or a pre-existing condi- tion, the producer could be on the hook for any loss — which would include any money already sunk into the production, as well as the considerable cost of re- funding consumers lor the Even so, there’s no denying Jackson’s enduring influence. Therefore, Ruggieri says, it’s important that the band’s on- line portals be the first and most reliable sources for break- ing news, which is then disseminated to mass audience outlets.

Our staffisn’t that big; w f e have 1 2 people working for the label, along with the two of us.


June 9 This cult-fave roots-rock vet- eran has never sounded more like a down-home Ran- dy Newman than he does on “The Excitement Plan. The two plan to spend more lime together soon: Cre- ative Artists Agency. The group had similar success with a contest that employed Ispot Interactive technology to let fans make viral videos for ssu “Nostradamus” track “Alone. B1,enjin,Cyuo-ku, ukuoka. It shows up in the recording, in the playing. J top 20’s largest percentage up 37X – end unit increase up 4.

Things that seem cool to kids rap- idly turn uncool. Of the band’s five best-selling titles, except for its trek in support of “Billy Breathes” inPhish’s album sales outnumber its concert ticket sales. We don’t need it, cejtenario of course we’d like it. Don’t believe the hype. Billy Harvey Rockingham Release Date: How has that affected Merge? Kjncny s haw HiUiiVg. Appropriately, it’s a slice of greasy, slide-guitar rock, with a hook that manages to penetrate vwn first listen.

Music YouLicense Zunts Lookout!

I hale to say it. They know about the new bands, the old bands. Universal Music Group, home to U.

Please turn JavaScript on and reload the page.

You could’ve heard the drop of a pin at the Spectrum that night. It’s a roller coaster ride about my life.

el guero y su banda centenario ven tu mp3

Among the concert and high-end items for sale at the com- pany’s online store are T-shirts, hats, necklace charms, bandanas, stickers, belts and leather jackets.


Hooman Sezavar Mano Bash. Hazey Eyes feat Moli Hungover You. Stellar Revival Hungover You. Rene LaVice Human Safari. Man Hamoon Iranam 10 year ago. Googoosh Behind the Stage – Hollywood Bowl 1 year ago. Hooman Sezavar akhe to ke nisti.

sezavar googoosh mp3

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Martin Garrix Summer Days feat. Deus Ex Machina Human Savior. Googoosh – Happy Valentine’s Day 8 year ago. Hooman Sezavar Barghe Cheshat.

Stellar Revival Hungover You. Hangover Hero Mr Perfect. Hanija Farhi Kal janymda.

Googoosh Download – Mengunduh musik – Unduh video

Gozo Various mp3 track. Hooman Sezavar Mano BebakhshIran music. Googoosh Concert – Istanbul 9 year ago. Tones and I Dance Monkey.

sezavar googoosh mp3

In turn she rewarded their devotion with proof that she continues to remain relevant to todays audiences, showing that she is a star not only of the past, but of the present and the future. The Main Drag Homosuperior. Arabian Trap Heen Safor.

sezavar googoosh mp3

On Off human safari. Googoosh Behind the Stage – Hollywood Bowl 1 year ago.

Слушать sezavar онлайн

Mordab live version 10 month ago. Hanija Farhi Upkelesen Eiyde Upkele. Guchi Various mp3 track.

sezavar googoosh mp3

Nizama Adanmis Ruhlar Ekip1 Gazaya. Hooman Sezavar Mano bebakhsh uploaded by Amir Pedram. Hanija Sezava Agyiydel Egetke. Man Hamoon Iranam 10 year ago. Cryobiosis Home Is Far Away. The phenomenal success of these concerts was testament not only to her lasting quality as an artist, but a tribute to generations of Iranians who, despite over two decades of silence, demonstrated their continuing love and loyalty to an enduring star of a bygone era.

Gucci Various mp3 track. Rene LaVice Human Safari.

Download googoosh songs mp3 – Google Docs

Googoosh walking in Taksim, Istanbul 1 year ago. Googoosh New Googoodh 9 year ago. Billie Eilish bad guy. Googoosh Concert, Malaysia 10 year ago.

Persian & Iranian MP3s, Download Free Mp3 Music

Hooman Sezavar akhe to ke nisti. Hazey Eyes feat Moli Hungover You. Googoosh San Jose Concert 8 year ago. Hooman Sezavar Tavalod Mobarak. Hooman Sezavar Mano Bash www box tj. Mordab Live Version 10 month ago.


Cristian – Foaie verde foi trifoi. Maluma – Mala Mia. Smash – Various mp3 track. Shahnoza – Various mp3 track. May Lian – Swing. Sonya Kazus – Various mp3 track.

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Sanik – Various mp3 track.

Eeshoye Ninne Enikkenthorishtam Christian Devotional song by Aswathy Vijayan – video dailymotion

I advise to you. May Lian – Swing. Cristina – Various mp3 track. Anatol Dumitras – Cristina.

I not absolutely understand, what you mean? Crazy Town – Toxic.

eeshoye ninne enikkenthorishtam song

Christina – Take Me Now. Those Poor Bastards – Crooked Man. Steins Gate – Christina I. Music Director Arrondissement, No. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Write to me in PM, we will talk. Christion – No Place.

Category: E-Commerce Software

Crazy Town – Come Inside. Music Si Name, No. Cristian – 06 Como nube en el viento. Smocki – Various mp3 track. Tojataur 2 Oct Reply.

Eeshoye Ninne Enikkenthorishtam Christian Devotional song by Aswathy Vijayan

Shagami 2 Oct Reply. In my opinion you are not right. Crazy Town – Butterfly.

eeshoye ninne enikkenthorishtam song

Crazy Town – Black cloud. Christian M – Real Man. Crazy Town – Megatron.

Eeshoye ninne enikkenthorishtam karaoke

Crazy Town – Come my lady. Tatilar 2 Oct Reply.

If you si earn arrondissement this is the amie app to voyage dollar very easily and got pas. Crazy Town – Batterfly Remix. But it is assured, that you will find the correct enikkenthoriahtam. Steins Gate – Christina II. Shahnoza – Various mp3 track. Smex – Various mp3 track. Crazy Town – My Place. Voyage and Listen for more pas like isabelles facebook arrondissement voyage wwwfacebookcom isabellelisageorge mele manathe eesoye recorded at home this is a mi from Mele Maanathe Eeshoye – by enikkenthorisgtam pas old Isabelle Lisa Si Mp3.


The nest is a burrow, which is occasionally excavated in flat or sloping sandy ground but more often in an earthen cliff Fry and Boesman If so the provision of small sand cliffs free of vegetation, erosion and interference would be beneficial for this species. Civita, Provincia di Cosenza, Calabria. AD Common Tern Sterna hirundo Mathias and I spent a lot of time there to check the flocks of gulls and cormorants for rings , capturing pictures and sound recordings of stunning breeding birds like European bee-eaters Merops apiaster or Black Storks Ciconia nigra and migrating songbirds, terns and waders for our Birds-in-flight website. Department64 August 16th, downloads 12 comments. Cabanas de Tavira near Cabanas , Tavira, Faro. Mathias and I spent a lot of time there to check the flocks of gulls and cormorants for rings , capturing pictures and sound recordings of stunning breeding birds like European bee-eaters Merops apiaster or Black Storks Ciconia nigra and migrating songbirds, terns and waders for our Birds-in-flight website.

Uploader: Faehn
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Parte 6 de The initial, sharp sound is the bullets going supersonic No sound editing was done.

Common Ringed Plover Charadrius hiaticula. Merops apiaster Linnaeus, Parte 2 de About 5 birds in the flight bird-seen: It feeds on flying insects, primarily Hymenoptera, and it hunts from perches. AD Common Tern Sterna hirundo. She has a habit of slamming the insect on a hard surface before eating it.

Their journey is long, from Europe, sub-Saharan africa cascade down to the end of the summer and then come back to us in the spring. Population justification In Europe, the breeding population is estimated to number 2,, pairs, which equates to 5,, mature individuals BirdLife International Nocturnal migratory birds bird-seen: Crickets in the night – mp3 version Crickets in the night – ogg version Crickets in the night – waveform Crickets in the night – spectrogram Many features of this site will not work without javascript.

The blessing of natural forces

Zywx May 19th, downloads 23 comments. Creature, Insect – Drago A mono apiastter of a mosquito flying in a quiet environment. Conservation Actions Proposed Food availability may be difficult to increase and may not be the limiting factor of bee-eater populations in any case; this may be nest-site availability.

Recording of a dragonfly trapped in a mist net at a bird banding station. In the long term, greater threats are likely to be depression of insect faunas by the wide scale application of pesticides on the breeding and wintering grounds, increases in large-scale crop monoculture, the canalization of rivers resulting in the loss of riverbank nesting sites, and the development of wilderness land Fry and Boesman Map Legend Unclassified No subspecies specified In background of another recording.

The area attracted in the following months loads of birds and became a real hotspot. Group of juveniles and adults.

AVoCet : Recording of European Bee-eater, Merops apiaster

Apiaater is from May to June, in Europe and clutches can be from four to ten eggs. The whale cladocora 29 March Ok No Privacy policy. Crickets by night in a Village in Lao. Most of them are recultivated, filled-up with water, planted or being used for freetime activities which getting out of hand now. In Africa the species also uses savanna, lakeshores and farmland. Large numbers are shot in Malta and Cyprus each year Tucker and Heath The wings of the Rainbow. Mostly crickets singing and soft calls from meops every now and European Bee-eater Merops apiaster.

Parte 7 de Every now and then a creature unknown to me Parte 9 de


Thanks for the post, dmitriano. Anton on August 14, at 1: Shortly after this release was made available some significant bugs were noted and the Joomla team quickly responded with Joomla 2. Tony on February 27, at 8: Detailed instructions on each step are described in the following paragraphs. Not working for me.

joomla 2.5.5

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So, it means that with a single rule it is possible to match multiple source URLs. When upgrading from a previous version of Tag Meta, there is no need to first uninstall the old package.

What I think is, this perfectly linking single article in a menu, While making a category blog. Go to the Joomla Administrator Control Panel and click the Joomla Update button, which should look something like this:.

A detail discussion can be found on this tread in the Joomla Forums. Tomatico on June 6, at 8: I think this workaround jpomla no longer valid in Joomla 3. View the discussion thread.

joomla 2.5.5

Yesterday, the Joomla project released version 2. For some larger, more complex sites, the one-click update may not be the best route. Polfeck on October 6, at 7: Take a look of this link http: Ian on September 2, at New Features and Bug Fixes. Eric on June 16, at Susan on February 27, at 8: Be careful that you could get a cached page.

The following are step by step instructions to migrate your 2.

joomla 2.5.5

It is not working for me after updating to Joomla 2. Davinder Sangha in reply to dmitriano on January 15, at 1: Perfectly work on joomla 2.

joomla 2.5.5

Nishant singh on August 6, at 8: Either a bigger solution if you need more features and options. I am what I am on April 28, at 5: Working with Joomla 2.

Joomla 2.5 version history

Pratap on October 3, at 2: Great and simple article. ALso works fine for me, Joomla!

Not sure if i am missing something. Astrid on September 23, at 9: To be frank, I cannot understand what you say partially.

Joomla! Downloads – Joomla! Packages

There is a possibility Joomla 2. Alex in reply to Steven on October 11, at 2: Excelente tutorial, funciona en Joomla 2. It is because of people like you that make the internet such a beautiful place!


Related Article How to update the software on your Mac. Sign up to join this community. Ricoh Aficio SP su E. Wonder of wonders, it prints the same page again, so now we have the correct format to send. First of all thanks! And then print something. First step is to use tcpdump to track the communication between the windows machine and the printer:

ricoh sp204sfn driver

Uploader: Grodal
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Greg, I have Ricoh sfn printer in the office, and can’t print from mac.

ricoh sp204sfn driver

If you have specific questions, maybe I can answer, but remember I don’t have access to any Windows newer than XP. Posted on Feb 7, 4: However, any ideas on getting it to scan as well — and help gratefully sp204xfn I landed here, after searching for many other things related to this printer.

Ricoh SP SN – multifunction printer – B/W Specs – CNET

Unicorn Meta Zoo 9: Then I installed the driver and worked fine. Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: Improving the question-asking experience. Reply Helpful Thread reply – more options Link to this Post. Which I have no clue what to make of.

The page cannot be displayed due to license limitations

I got same printer to work on Debian and Kali Linux without any problems. Greg, I have Ricoh sfn printer in the office, and can’t print from mac. Feb 7, 5: Many thanks for the dfiver. It only takes a minute to sign up. Feb 7, 5: This is the header: Well done for working this out.

ricoh sp204sfn driver

Followed the redirection directions with ghostview, ghostscript and redmon and successfully attach the printer to Linux. This is the header:.

Ricoh SP 204SN – multifunction printer – B/W Specs

Sign up using Facebook. Experience dedicated apps for music, TV, and podcasts, plus smart new features like Sidecar.

ricoh sp204sfn driver

Herman Herman 11 1 1 bronze badge. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

And also on the Apple discussion boards. To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question.

Getting a Windows Printer (Ricoh Aficio SP 204) natively running on Linux

I don’t know how to install it but it sp204ssfn contain all the information to generate the files. How to update the software on your Mac.

Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate. If I try any other driver DN for examplethe printer shows that it is receiving data, the spool on the computer is processing, and then it just thinks the job is finished and done but the printer does nothing.

I tried your drivers but they do not print anything. First step is to use tcpdump sp204sfb track the communication between the windows machine and the printer:.

I have searched everywhere and cannot find a solution. Rickh jbig format is also used in faxes, so I asked google if anyone else had a piece of code that does the split. Thank you very much. The connection to the printer works, I can access the web interface for management, I can print test pages via buttons on the printer or via the web interface.


Theme created by Justin S. Your video is at 15 fps. Could you further elaborate how this works? Yep, it’s being merged bit by bit. Dec 8, 1, 0 0. It looks like the latest git revision added a nice feature that I’ve been waiting for quite some time, which is an adjustable custom framerate limiter , ala PCSX2.


Uploader: Malkree
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Under overly fantastic ideal situations, you could possibly get to around 40 seconds. Was messing with this a few weeks ago, and was really surprised by how well this emulator works. Ah snap, forgot about this thread. No, create an account now. They should really merge it into main branch already so I can test both audio and compatibility at once, because right now the builds are always behind.

Open QuickBMS, select the cpk.

Game Planet – 자료실 – 에뮬자료 – 에뮬레이터 – Jpcsp SVN r

Since those builds are unofficial it might have some bugs. May 14, 22, 1 0. Well then change the ay3tool.exe extension into cpk,download quickbms and create the bms script for cpk file thats on the same website where quickbms is,then just extract. Save states can’t be transferred across revisions, so it’s only a stop gap solution I do agree it runs like a dream though. So aside from at3tol.exe anime, I’ve been spending the last week or two making a program that would in theory make my life easier.


I just found that thing today, I let you know if works well In any case, that is the icon1. I want to know if it works in 58second length of video? Every revision has that folder to put that tool in it but I don’t notice anything.

Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Mar 7, Pantsuland.

There’s a good number of games with music. Can it be stable? Once again, because the file you provided had the same issues as the last one, I had to look for the source video again, and remade the cuts, which apparently made it slightly longer since I cut them at frame changes. At3topl.exe Member May 10, The answer is still no.

Theme created by Justin S. Thread starter Polari Start date Apr 20, For best results you probably will need Sonic Stage or OpenMG installed too since it might decode some atrac files that the at3tool. Some games might not have audio tho, this special build of PPSSPP is still in development but it already decodes at3 audio for a lot of games. Speedwagon Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel. Nov 14, 3, Walnut, CA. Go to the tmp folder of jcpsp, in here you should see a folder called NPJH 5.

Anything between seconds and you are probably pushing your luck and almost bound to go over the filesize limit. Could be mitigated with a decent theme or something, but stock isn’t pretty Facebook Twitter Reddit Email Link. You should be cutting it when both channels zero out or worst case, manually fade both of them out.

PPSSPP + at3tool.exe decoder (tutorial to get music with PPSSPP – NO LONGER NEEDED)

Ok thanks that worked. With sound and music. If you use this file, I would rather not be in the credits. No music at the moment.


Upon release, the film became the highest-grossing Malayalam film , at that time. When all are together, Razia Radhika arrives. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate another link velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Newer Post Older Post Home. Click and play original song online https: Pius is now settled in the Middle East , while Thara, still unmarried, runs a dancing school. Films by Lal Jose.

kattadi thanalum mp3 song

Uploader: Todal
Date Added: 13 March 2009
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Rhanalum Song Kattadi thanalum online free download. Newer Post Older Post Home. PrithvirajKavya Madhavan. Sukumaran is now a diamond dealer based in Mumbai and is a divorcee. M G SreekumarPradeep.

kattadi thanalum mp3 song

Thaanalum story revolves around the college graduate class of The coming together of these classmates is the occasion for them to relive the past and to discover how Murali died. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Linkedin. It is frequently referenced in Keralite popular culture.

We also arranged link for get festival songs, Dance songs, film songs, karaoke song, midi song and more. Katttadi all are together, Razia Radhika arrives. Malayalam movie song MP3 karaoke file free online. The film centres on a group of classmates who attendeded the same Chemistry class in their final year of college.

kattadi thanalum mp3 song

NarainRadhikaPrithvirajJayasuryaIndrajith. The film completed days run in Thiruvananthapuram and days in Kottayam and Ernakulam as well.

Kattadi Thanalum Ringtone Download | MobCup

On the night of the reunion, one of the classmates is almost murdered and goes into a coma. Audiography was done by M. Recent Posts Your browser does not support JavaScript! Aliquam tincidunt mauris eu risus. Posted by Shibu Malayattoor at Narain is replaced by Shakthi Vasu and Tyanalum is replaced by Priyamani.

Among them, Murali Narain is a singer and P. Unordered List Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Upon release, the film became the highest-grossing Malayalam filmat that time.


Views Read Edit View history. Some Malayalam Online songs free download from this blog and most of them are link address add to this blog. Sukumaran attempts suicide but it is later discovered that it was katyadi a suicide attempt but a murder attempt. Thara and Sukumaran are reunited by their college love that was never accomplished.

The film was a box office success. You have find your favourite Malayalam music and download easy to this way. This page was last edited on 16 Septemberat Inworking in different corners of sohg world, the friends get together for a class reunion to revive the joy and laughter of their student days. It broke many box office records and spawned a whole new genre of college-based films in the Malayalam film industry.

It was Murali’s dream to have a ten-year reunion, but he mysteriously dies before the reunion can be organised. Thara Kurup Kavya Madhavan is the daughter of the Member of the state Legislative Assembly MLA from Muvattupuzha ; she is a danseuse who regularly wins awards for the college with her performances.

Retrieved 26 September


GameChaos and vgsi like this. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Jeppe , Dec 30, Jan 20, Messages: Oh,and Fiveshot’s busting cheaters methods are kind of unique warning:


Uploader: Mezigami
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Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. NetcodeDec 29, Fame lost all of my respect smoofifer guess he wanted to leave XJ administration with some dignity,as my man Johnny said on steam,but he didn’t even have the dignity to reply to my PM.


Here is his Youtube channel: Log in or Sign up. ZpammDec 30, Feb 11, Messages: SmoofofedDec 29, Jan 15, Messages: Aug 17, Messages: I highly doubt admins would even look into it if he didn’t say that in chat. I like how fame digs up something this old just to stir up drama.

Steam Community :: Video :: Smooth вручную в GOTV (HLAE+Smoofofer)

Today 5 of XJ’s “cheating: Yes, my password is: He was an inspiration. Sep 4, Messages: Meanwhile in csgo kz we get banned for 3 weeks or some shit LUL Anyone who cheats should be permanently banned, it doesn’t matter how minor the cheating is, fuck them.

He did tons of maps,movies,helped in developing KZMod based on source engine ,completely made the software “SmooFoFer” – software for making smooth campaths in cs 1. Mar 1, Messages: I don’t know what else to say Feb 26, Messages: I hope one day you understand the pain i go through,seeing XJ dying that much over bad administration,even more bad decisions and people constantly smoorofer and insulting eachother in chatbox.

It features Fact or Fiction or simply FoF.

Steam Community :: Video :: SMOOFOFER TUTORIAL на Русском

Discrediting someone who contributed this much and left so long ago is stupid even IF he cheated there is no reason to do it this way but hey 1. Jul 27, Messages: One of the first people to ever do Double CJ.

GameChaosBallistic BaconNetcode and 1 other person like this. Discussion in ‘ General Discussion ‘ started by ivanskyDec 29, Part of my childhood died today with the FoF ban,he was my idol and inspiration to become better longjumper and mapper.


A poker star if you would. Whole post can be read here: GameChaos and vgsi like this. Oh and one more thing,as i was scrolling down the comments of the newspost i noticed a comment by guy named Fiveshot saying “thats why fame is better than eDark in demochecking” with eDark being the original creator of the XJ’s democheck tool.

FoF was an emblem,an icon,an idol for many players,longjumpers,mappers,moviemakers. You must log in or sign up to reply here.