The AP will then reboot, use the fully functional image and rejoin a controller to obtain its configuration. The AP will reboot after the new code has been installed. You should be able to ping each other and make sure the network connectivity is working between the AP and your computer that will be used for code transfer. July 31st, 47 Comments. That being said, pick appropriate part number Lightweight or Autonomous when you placing the order could save your time converting. You are supposed to configure it at the WLC level.

cisco aironet to lwapp conversion tool

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It is important that all the controllers that the AP may associate with have this certificate. Configure your computer with an IP in the same subnet July 31st, 47 Comments.

Converting Cisco Wireless Access Point from Lightweight Mode to Autonomous Mode and Vice Versa

Because you want the IP Setup Utility for this task, click that link. You are going to browse to this file in the Upgrade tool interface. The controller tells the AP who to transmit to and what to transmit and all added on security, OoS and so on.

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cisco aironet to lwapp conversion tool

To begin the upgrade, first check to see if you are running a code version on the AP that is capable of being upgraded. This causes the AP to reboot, ignoring its lightweight code, apply an IP address of You need to enter a special debug command to be able xonversion enter the configuration mode.


This is an installable application that you can download from Cisco. By Jack Wang T Next we move on to reset the access point.

If you are resetting to factory defaults, use the mode button by holding it down until the LED turns red. Hi i cant to upgrade my access point i received the next message: Hi, I have a controller based AP and would like to know if there is a similar procedure to downgrade tooll software.

cisco aironet to lwapp conversion tool

First of all, pick the right image for your access point model and make sure you download the image for autonomous mode. When booting this image, the Zironet is fully functional and can join a controller to obtain its configuration.

You would do this by refreshing the controller config to WCS from the controller the AP is associated to and then push it to all other controllers.

There are a few signs you can find to determine whether your AP was configured in Lightweight or Autonomous mode. I recommend using Notepad so that you can save it as a. In my case I used the follow IP address:. My recommendation is that always upgrade the code to a recent software release and it most likely will work in your environment.


On the AP page, from the right side of the page in a box labeled Support, click the Download Software cpnversion.

cisco aironet to lwapp conversion tool

After the reboot, the AP behaves like any lightweight AP and tries to find a controller. The next step is to aironrt a text file of APs that you want to upgrade.

Download the Lightweight image from Cisco. His current focus includes data centers, cloud integration, IPv6 deployment, WAN architectures and design. This is the software application you need to perform the upgrade.

Converting to LWAPP – Wireless Networks – Cisco Certified Expert

Recall that the controller and AP need to be on the same version; however, any mismatch is corrected when an AP finds a controller. He aironeg been designing and implementing enterprise and large scale service provider networks as well as teaching and blogging about advanced technologies.

All services are self-contained and individually managed by each AP. It is a static file name for all and series APs. Optionally, change the logging level if you want to see more verbose information. The decision is fairly easy.