At the cemetery, Yukine pays respect to her dead brother and the rival gang joins in. Remembering something from his past, Tomoya goes off to another area and meets his grandmother Shino Okazaki , his father’s mother. Tomoya and Nagisa visit Youhei, and spend some time talking with Misae and Tomoyo who comes over after them. Yusuke tells Tomoya a little about his past and how he met Kouko Ibuki in high school. Tomoya, Nagisa, and Fuko spend the night at school having a pre-celebration for Kouko’s wedding, as the two and Fuko become closer. The next day, Kyou tells Tomoya about the annual sports day at school where the parents are to participate as well.

clannad after story episode 8 animepremium

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After his first day of work, Tomoya returns to his new home completely exhausted, barely able to stay awake during his dinner with Nagisa. Nagisa’s sickness returns, making her unable to go to school and take exams, and she will have to repeat her last year of high school again unfortunately.

The anime series was released in a set of eight DVD compilations in Japan released between December and July by Pony Canyonwith each compilation containing three episodes. After talking with Nagisa about Rie’s past, Nagisa chooses to give up on reforming the drama club, though this does not sit well with Youhei and Kyou. After failing to create a flying machine to travel to an alternate world, the Girl in the Illusionary World is dying in the snow, and the Junk Robotcreated by the girl, regrets having her take the journey.

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Tomoya then finally remembers that he met Kotomi years ago when he was a child. Yukine impersonates Kazuto to end the fighting, and finally reveals to everyone that did not already know Kazuto has been dead for some time, and his wish was to end the fighting in the town. On a heavy snow day, Nagisa becomes sick again and goes into labor two weeks early. After Tomoya calls Mei out, she runs away, though Nagisa stops Tomoya from chasing after her.


Clannad After Story

After school, Tomoya goes to Nagisa’s family animepfemium and meets her eccentric parents, Akio Furukawa and Sanae Furukawa ; he is invited to have dinner with them. Tomoya then tells Misae some things Katsuki did not get a chance to tell her.

Fuko appears but not to much help, yet Tomoya manages to take Tomoyo with him to get away from the captains. Each side story centers around every side and main characters of Clannad. This page was last edited on 26 Augustat Anime with Japanese subs on this site. Youhei has not been coming to class lately, causing worry among his friends as well as his sister. Later, Yukine eposode tells Tomoya, Nagisa, and Youhei about the city’s legend of the orbs of light. Let’s study Japanese together!

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In the very last seconds of the game, Tomoya manages to make the last shot thanks to Nagisa’s voice and win the game. A rumor still persists at the school of Fuko as a cute girl who is constantly running through the school.

Views Read Edit View history. Afterwards, Mei goes back to her hometown. The drama club is finally revived and Koumura is shared with the choir club, thanks to Tomoyo!

clannad after story episode 8 animepremium

The eighth DVD volume came with an additional original video animation OVA episode set in an alternate universe from the anime series where Tomoya and Kyou eppisode dating.


Kyou gets the idea to have Kotomi play at her first violin recital after school in two days, obliging Kotomi to practice in the meantime.

Retrieved March 27, Cannad girl can finally hear the robot, and tells clanbad that they once existed in another world. Based on the visual novel by Key and produced by Kyoto Animation, Clannad: The OVA episode was previewed on May 24, for a limited number of people. Nagisa and Tomoya meet Tomoyo, who is wearing a bear suit to find people who are causing trouble, and manages to knock Youhei out a window for bothering a girl.

clannad after story episode 8 animepremium

However, Tomoya soon notices that Kyou has been acting strange, and confronts her. On the way to Hikarizaka High School, Tomoya Okazakia delinquent third-year student wishing a change to occur in his life, meets a strange girl on the hill talking to herself named Nagisa Furukawa. When Mei shows up, she cleans her brother’s filthy room, but Misae said she cannot stay at Youhei’s all-boys dorm, so Nagisa offers to have her stay at her home while she is in town.

Yusuke keeps Tomoya’s physical disability a secret. After Tomoya wakes up, he realizes the cat showed him all this. The ending theme is “Torch”, and both the opening and ending themes are sung by Lia. The two spend the next day and night together, but Tomoya finds it difficult to connect with the small child.