Leave a Reply Cancel reply. The firmware update will only effective after the reboot. First lets check the Array version before do the upgrade or upload the files. After the update is finish you see a warning in the bottom of the GUI informing that the Array needs to be restarted. I am a blogger and owner of the blog ProVirtualzone. So only start this tasks if you are able to reboot your Array system after the Firmware update. In this case we will restart the Array right away.

dell equallogic ps6000xv firmware

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The process will take a while, since the Squallogic Interface controller will change to the other Array. As we can see in the above image we have Firmware V7.

dell equallogic ps6000xv firmware

Enter you grpadmin and continue to choose the member that you want to update and also to upload the firmware file. To restart the array, enter the restart command at the Firmwars prompt. Adding the file that we downloaded in the above section the the system is recognize that both member can be updated last column.

dell equallogic ps6000xv firmware

This disks firmware update will not stop or disruption any of the storage and volumes. So connect through an IP address assigned to a network interface on the array for example, Ps6000xv port 0.


Support for Equallogic PS | Overview | Dell US

March 16th, 0 Comments. I am a blogger and owner of the blog ProVirtualzone. Example for a second disk: The firmware update will only effective after the reboot. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

Equallogic PS6000

Specialties are Virtualization, Storage, and Virtual Backups. In this case we will restart the Array right away.

What is new in vSAN 6. As we can see in the image GUI above we have different HD with models, so double check all your disks in the document. Using CLI — Issue these commands: As we can see in the image above we equallovic both Array and the full information for the one we choose.

We can just use ftp to the array and upload the files, or use a tool like WinSCP my prefer option and just upload the files to the Array root.

Dell Equalogic PS6000 – How to upgrade Array firmware and Hard Disk

Before we start this section, updating Array firmware demands a reboot of the Array. Check if your firmware is upgradable to this new version or otheror if you need first go to a lower version and then go for the latest version.

So we will choose the member xxx-xxx to update with the GUI. Fix wrong vSAN Cluster partitions. Working with Virtualization for more than 10 years mainly VMware.


As you can see here in this image both have the update firmware meanwhile I rebooted the second Array Hope this article will help you updating your Dell Equalogic PS or other versions, since the procedure is similar Note: The firmware update will take effect when the array is restarted. So that we can update Disks and also Array only the member we are working. April 27th, 0 Comments.

First we will check if our Hard Disks HD are in the list for this firmware upgrade. Do not connect to the group IP address.

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You need a Dell Support login to download the files and also the documentation or the version matrix. Update finished for this array: By Luciano Patrao T In this article we talk about how to update the firmware Arrays and disks of a Dell Equalogic PS November 7th, 0 Ps6000xv.

April 18th, 0 Comments.