This is a very populary program for Fishers etc that are using their sonas to Rating: The newest update is version. It’s pretty strange to compare SW with Dr. Make sure you keep a copy of this track on your computer as a backup. Started by l Other 3rd Party Software. I save that file to my computer in my Navigation folder under the state; year and date. Your boat icon should be where you are presently located on the lake.

drdepth ss

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August 24, This is a very populary program for Fishers etc that are using their sonas to. That’s what I would do anyway to make sure that the Dr Depth Download is not corrupted by the firewall software. Here is one I just made. I’m thinking that she figured no one would know but I figured out what she did pretty easily once I checked the maps accuracy on my Humminbird today.

This is a barrel only and does not come with additional hardware. Started by reso Other 3rd Party Software. You can print this image and take it with you so you can see how the depth changes as you are checking out the structure. I didn’t realize this could be done now and am anxious to download the latest version to try it.


Drdepth ss edition

I roamed all over that lake this morning for about 3 hours and was disappointed in the accuracy of this maps. You can use Humminbird PC software to change the waypoints symbols if you want to.

drdepth ss

YoReparo es la mayor comunidad sobre tecnologa. You will then see the contour lines.

DrDepth mapping software

I was not aware that we could do that. Drdepth Bt Ss Keygen. December 11, I also installed Humminbird PC version 4.

drdepth ss

Hundreds of thousands of new files every day. Started by Martins Other 3rd Party Software. And the makes that Lake master made are not as accruate as I thought they might be. The newest update is version 4.

How much data can they store? Licensed users all Versions can download it by logging into the new user site: Hi Plastikboot I use DrDepth via ethernet and i have no problems. If you have never used DrDepth before, I suggest your start with the demo program to become familiar with how use DrDepth.


Right now its just a blank screen A depth range of 10 to 20 will give you contour lines every 1′ of depth.

No trails showing the contour lines and no tracks that were saved with the previous 5. It sounds complicated but once you do it, it will be easier in the future. You do not need a laptop. Started by kdj2 Other 3rd Party Software.

Download DrDepth BT SS

Hot stuffs in US drdepty December 03, There also is a tutorial available through this group. You do not need a mapping chip in your unit to make the track visible. That answer resolved my problem.

drdepth ss

Hi, I use both programs – and they both have their advantages: