Dynamic help text, mostly for admin pages. JournalCrunch is more image focused than the other themes we’ve seen so far. JournalCrunch will detect and display any image fields you have on your content. Please Log in to join the conversation. In this page you have also to verify if there are updates for modules the ” update ” tab. TRUE if the site slogan has been toggled off on the theme settings page. Some themes are configurable:

drupal danland

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Danland Drupal theme

Most modules are activated by default; here we activate also: The slogan of the site, empty when display has been disabled in theme settings.

The only difference I could notice was that the picture. You are here Home.

TRUE if the user has permission to access administration pages. The page title, for use in the actual HTML content.

Danland 7.x has been ported to Drupal 8

How do I access Dashboard and fix broken theme?? If hidden, the “element-invisible” class is added to make the site name visually hidden, but still accessible. Changing images in the Danland slideshow. We also change the icon, and change the images that create an impression of shadow so that the banner is easy to modify.


Tabs linking to any sub-pages beneath the current page e. Hi Thomas It won’t work if you just upload the photos to the folder. Here’s the criteria we use to select the themes: You can also use the web interface to copy and extract the theme files from an archive.

drupal danland

Have Set Sky as default. Page content in order of occurrence in the default page. The wide banner featured in this release using a beautiful photo of Rodrigo and Marinelli image banner, both released under GPL license.

drupal danland

The layout will be simple: TRUE if the site name has been toggled off on the drual settings page. Corked Screwer is the third example from the same developer. Start Newer 1 Older End 1. And also clear the cached data of your browser.

Danland Drupal theme – DanPros

Can I ask which theme you’re using, please? Items for the footer region.

drupal danland

You can do that with tools such as Photoshop, but you can also do it online with sites like this; www. Items for the bottom middle region. There is a log list available modules: Actions local to the page, such as ‘Add menu’ on the menu administration interface.


Danblog is the simpler version with no slideshow. Hi Steve, in fact I had uploaded pictures into this folder and tried druoal modify the original slideshow in the theme but it did not work and hence was my question. You can replace with your own photo for custom look CSS 2. There are two versions of this theme: Hi steve, that looks good. If hidden, the “element-invisible” class is added to make the site slogan visually hidden, but still accessible.

Their main site is http: Join today and get access to 1,’s of books and videos. We are looking forward for Drupal 7 supportthe latest version of Danland seem to have enough to meet everyone’s needs and now we can think for Drupal 7.