Akufen – “Quebec Nightclub” 7. What I am struggling with is how you cue up songs, manage the mix progression and keep everything sorted out. Uli Schuster – Adlershof parc: Knowles turned out to be a groper of women, and “Ain’t It Cool News”, is imploding, and rats are leaving the sinking ship. Apollo 18, I got a lot later for some reason. That mix is awesome Peter! Percee P – “Put It on the Line” 5.

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Wednesday 24 July I remember the nerdy 90’s. Whilst I’m not surprised at the lack of Cocteaus action on more mixes, the spangly, propulsive nature of Blue Bell Knoll works real nice as yr intro. Just downloaded that mix from YSI dog latin, and have stuck it on my Walkman for the journey home after work – cheers!

I’ve been wanting to do a big random Frenchblokey mix for ages now, using a lot of the stuff I got from him ha ha but I am stuck doing these silly year by year things for the moment one is nearly finished.


Mesak – Katutaso – Klakson 4. I believe Gmail limits attached files to 10MB, and I’m sure your mix is mucho larger than that. Oh yeah, here’s the tracklist: Monday 8 July Yes, they are all wearing pants. Jeffrey I had a driveway moment with your mix today. Tom Tom Club – “Spooks” The similarities come from the fact Robert John “Mutt” Lange who was Leppard’s producer during the s co-produced, co-wrote and sang backing vocals on the album. Love Will Grow Old reviews here.

Mase – Lean Back a capella 0. Great stuff so far, and what’s coming looks just as top-shelf.

enya caribbean blue fileshare

Jungle Wonz-The Jungle 4. Shaggy did not sing “Who Let the Dogs Out”. It’s by Victoria Celestine. Someone posted this a while ago, I still had it in my history. Pretty sure Goldeneye got a remake.

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Tupperwear- Gas USA 2. Now we have portables with video output cables like Dingoo. Sunday 21 July It’s by the Rnya Lovin’ Criminals. So you’ve heard this song repeatedly, and you’re utterly certain it’s from Group A.


enya caribbean blue fileshare

I’ll have a longer more electroey mix in the next few days. It’s by early ’80s one-hit wonders Tommy Tutone who were a band, not a solo artist.

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It’s by Joe Esposito of Brooklyn Dreams. My My “Backdoor Pilot” Playhouse 6. Downloading the caribbea version right now. Gordon Lightfoot neither wrote nor covered it.

Misattributed Song – TV Tropes

I don’t “meh”, the 00’s anymore Part 1. Ooh that looks good. Tuesday 18 June The Kinks are classic rock.