Please use the daily zips from there: Loaded template for include file C: To make your applications find the JVCL header and resource files when you compile, two options are available to you: Did you check if paths are OK. I’ve got a bit further. Helpful Answer 5 pts.

jvcl delphi 2007

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If something goes wrong, see the Compiler Output tab for detailed error messages.

Legacy Embarcadero Discussion Forums: Difficulties installing JCL /JVCL

We have no knowledge of any option to prevent this from happening. When you check a package, all packages that it depends on are checked as well.

INC And you are sure you have the following file: My workaround was to put copies of the include files that the compile of Dellhi.

jvcl delphi 2007

If the error message says that dcc But you can always debug the installer to find out why it does not add it when it should. Check an item to enable it, uncheck to disable it.


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When disabled, the ShortDateFormat is used to determine the number of year digits. Apr 14, This particular source set I got delpih github [https: This question is not answered.

Do NOT save anything.

jvcl delphi 2007

Select the packages you want to install by checking and unchecking the items in the list. For instance, if you put the JVCL in c: Delphi Starter Editionen am 20077 Simply click Cancel everytime the dialog shows up.

UPDATE It appears that this problem is to do with the command line that invokes the compiler for the compilation of of jcl. Olivier Sannier Directory of C: Is this something to do with having 2 versions of Delphi on the same machine?

Currently, this is the JCL 1. Under all circumstances, the installer does not list Delphi any longer: And this is very useful also for the 30 days trial version, where the command line compiler is missing too.

JEDI Visual Component Library – Project JEDI Wiki

If the compile fails, open a command prompt in the jvcl folder, type “install. When you are done selecting packages, click the Install button. How do we handle problem users? For historical reasons there is stuff that has to be maintained with Delphiand jvdl machine has D and XE8 installed.


They are separate installers, so you should specify what you did exactly. I already have JVCL 3. Then installed for XE2 from same folder as old was.

How to do this is documented in the JCL download. I’ve started encountering this again with latest subversion repo version of JCL 2. If it is not located there, you must indicate the path to it as the first argument to the batch file.

jvcl delphi 2007

Full compilation log of JCL install: The installer does not copy any files: