The great reputation which he en- joyed in his lifetime hath prevented them. In his address to Emstedius, who was a Carthusian, he be- stows high commendations upon those monks, who lived suitably to their profession, and were dead to the follies and vices of the world. Raw files are named so because they are not yet processed and therefore are not ready to be printed or edited with a bitmap graphics editor. Jovius hath given a great character to Albertus Pius, and also some account of his life and misfortunes. Clickr on one of the buttons below to install:

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We have receieved your request. William Forbes ‘i hath commended him, as a prudent and moderate divine. This passed in the year The latter happened to be his lot. Brevi ta- men immigrem oportet, quod felix faustumque sit.

This learned man was once much inclined to Protestantism. Siquidem ante dies aliquot exusta est mulier, quae, quum haberet maritumj octodecim annis fui-tivum commercium habuit Los Cruzamos Los Cruzamos.

Listen to Kdf Uthake – Housefull 3 1 day ago. Concerning licences to eat flesh in Lent, in the yearsee Strype’s Life of Whitgift, b.

SO much implicit faith as he talked of, as it appears in other epistles. Siquis tibi nunciaret Erasmum jma prope septuagenarium duxisse uxorem, nonne ter pie quaterque te sig- nares crucis imagine? Castellanus in his younger days went to Basil to converse with Erasmus, who recom- mended him to Froben for an assister ; and he was of great service in correcting not only errors of the press, but even some errors of Erasmus himselP.


We have received your winning story. Indeed he was on all accounts unfit to be a cardinal ; a creature which according to the definition of Guy Parin, Is animal rubrum, “.

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He contents himself with complaining of his inveterate calumniators, and with declaring, in gene- ral terms, that he had already done ail this, and would con- tinue to do so.

Nee dubito quin plures nunc non veniant in mentem.

kdc amor cholero

This year there was a dreadful Inundation in the Nether- lands; and after it a terrible earthquake at Lisbon, de- scribed by Paul Jovius p. With a unique loyalty program, the Hungama rewards you for predefined action on our platform. Atque hie mea quidem sententia principes viri amir se digTiam facerent, si prae- mils propositis, eruditos ad pervestigandum tantum thesaurum sollicita- rent, aut etiam ad editionem perpellerent: Quosdam novi, qui in extreme vltae magnis Impendiis redemerunt galerum cardinalicium, ut in sepulcro titulus adscriberetur.

Nunc quum tale sit, ut vel a rege non indecoi’e donari potuerit, tamen quae tua modestia est, rogas ut boni consulam.

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I, p- 63, nihil aliud sit quam pars ampr instructionis — quam paulo ante retulimus. One Ludovicus Carvajalus wrote a foolish thing against Erasmus, who replied to it: There is yet among us two great learned men, Petrus Martyr and Bernard Ochin, which have an hundred mark a piece.

Sed vereor ne hominis forlitudo bonaa literas magna gravet invidia, si modo vera sunt, quce narrant anucorum literae. But hence it appears, that the liberality of his friends had sup- plied the deficiencies of his pensions, which were ill-paid, or not paid at all.


kdc amor cholero

Berus, writ- ten to Paul III; the pope, before he had unsealed his letter, had spoken of him cuolero a most honourable manner. Experto crede Ruperto, ut est proverbium. Lettres de Bayle, torn. This man had once vocatus, imo revocatus est ad cancellarii munus, quo non aliud in Anglia majus: Happy is the person whom this description suits!

kdc amor cholero

Fuit vir cumprimis doctus, et exstat ejus de magistratibas at- querepublica Venetorum liber. John a Lasco, in a letter to Pellicanus, A. During my absence the emperor pays me nothing, and hardly would he give me any thing, though I were to go to Brabant, not- withstanding all the fine promises with which they feed me. Buchanan did him justice, when he said ; Carmina quod sensu careant, mirare, Doleti, ” Ouando qui scripsit carmina, menle caret? Unde igitur mihi mens tam laeva, ut ultro me tam invidioso negotio involverem, ad quod si fuissem vel rogatus vel flagitatus, mani- bus pedibuf que fuerim recusaturcs?