Indeed, we also need to look at the European Union funds because, unfortunately, some governments use them to implement their personal pet projects, to favour certain people or to ensure favourable reporting. In addition, agriculture is considered to be low prestige and inferior to other sectors, and our young farmers do not feel that they have priority in public support programmes. We mention all of these activities in citations. This will require strong administrative capacity, and cooperation with the EU countries can be of great help. We ride our motorcycles in, so they always try to put us in a room where we can park right outside our door. Magnitsky stood up to the corruption of the Putin regime.

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Firstly, tech companies should invest much more in tools to identify propaganda and ensure better identity checks of platform users in order to eliminate bots, and to reduce financial incentives for those who profit from disinformation.

To name a European human rights violations sanctions regime after Sergei Magnitsky would send an unambiguous message to the human rights abusers in our closest neighbourhood that Europe is going to create serious consequences for them and around the world.

Corrales, NM 2 contributions 2 helpful votes. July Trip type: Talk to them about the importance of the EU for their everyday lives. Das ist eine ungerechte Steuerlandschaft, und die muss korrigiert werden.

La movilidad funciona en Europa.

That is the approach which I prefer over the current one. This union that has sold his soul to investors in the Middle East cannot last and should not konra. This also includes an intensive dialogue on alignment of foreign policy, defence and security issues, with a strong focus on counterterrorism and matters of military and strategic importance, as Turkey is a very important member of the military alliance, NATO.


Think of Portugal and Spain.

The Long Dark

The changes proposed, to increase the budget for the programme, will allow many more to benefit from it. While you can never entirely exclude the possibility of odometer tampering, the Commission will explore amendments to the legal framework to further reduce this risk as part of the monitoring of the implementation of this legislation.

Ik wil u er ook aan herinneren dat diezelfde fracties die u zo meteen gaat horen, zeker de Italiaanse vertegenwoordigers uit die fracties, op het moment dat wij voor een positie bij het SSM een uitstekend gekwalificeerde Ierse vrouw hadden, hun voorkeur toch liever lieten uitgaan naar een Italiaanse man.

Warum ist das so? Y se lo voy a decir claro. It is to create rescEU to strengthen the existing solidarity mechanism and to combine it with stronger responsibilities of each Member State. They have the right to a pluralist media environment and to high—quality information.

Συζητήσεις – Τετάρτη 30 Μαΐου

Next week we launch the Rapid Alert System, as set out in the action plan. Credo che questo Parlamento debba prendere posizione. Das ist nicht nur ein Problem einiger Staaten.

kobra 11 auto budoucnosti

On this point, it is important for us to know the Slovak position. Ten derde, naar aanleiding van dat onderzoek, heldere, strenge Europese minimumregels voor het afgeven van verblijfsvergunningen aan buitenlandse investeerders.

It is high time to bkdoucnosti impunity and, if we adopt this regulation, it would also be a small step towards justice for Sergei Magnitsky.


There should be no impunity for killers of Rohingya in Myanmar, the rapists in the Central African Republic or the killers of the Saudi journalist. We Europeans will do everything in our power to help the people of Afghanistan turn this opportunity into a truly sustainable and lasting peace.

The good example of Belgium and the Netherlands shows how important it is that Member States use their competences to introduce additional measures. Existen, hay que pensar en ellas y proponerlas. They sometimes left towels and sometimes made the beds. If one Member State does not koobra the necessary security and criminality checks, then this can affect all of us. Here the issue of the scope of a possible future regime will be particularly important and the need to define which type of violations would fall under such a regime.

Spiace constatare come nell’emiciclo fosse presente alla discussione un solo onorevole del Partito Democratico a difendere i lavoratori italiani. Albuquerque, New Mexico 38 contributions 28 helpful votes.

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Pour ceux qui ne le savent pas, je veux bien leur faire parvenir une note avec tous les textes et tous les efforts que le Luxembourg a fournis.

We cannot promise our citizens a life without problems, hard work and challenges.

kobra 11 auto budoucnosti

Cuando los diputados se levantan, el mensaje es muy claro.