But who knows, I may be wrong. The subtitles for this game does not appear at all. Anonymous January 3, at Geplaatst door Rurunikiri op 7: October 7, February 25, 9 Comments.

koezaru wa akai hana game

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A land where women are scarce due to a fatal disease.

Koezaru wa Akai Hana | 4 Shiki

This post will also contain my concluding thoughts for the game. Anonymous December 22, at I can not download it says I have nothing to read it or I do not know what. The subtitles for this game does not appear at all. I will not post any R CGs in my reviews. You may just have community subs on and that’s what you’re seeing in Black Wolves Saga.

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Hopefully things will make sense as you read along. October 26, June 8, 10 Comments. Anonymous February 27, at 2: November 3, September 9, 6 Comments.

koezaru wa akai hana game

Is being captured a future of subordination, or…. Our Halloween Special Event two posts below will be ending in a few days! October 7, February 25, 9 Comments. gamf


Honestly I don’t think I will get it any time soon since I doubt I will have the time for it along with the games that I already decided to get but maybe someday when I am tired of otomate’s hqna and want something with a bit more quality rather than quantity, sure I might get this! October 24, February 25, 35 Comments.

Otome Game Review: Koezaru wa Akai Hana | Anime | Games, Manga anime, Hana

This site uses cookies. Geplaatst door Rurunikiri op 7: I was wondering if you could help me. Anonymous December 5, at 1: The problem with playing this game is that vnr only translates what koearu characters say. From a personal stand point i’d say go with PC ver because you’d get the product in the form it was intended to be, unless you dislike r18 then just get the vita port.

Other than my complaint about minor character not being voiced this game sure is promising.

koezaru wa akai hana game

Anonymous February 9, at 8: October 12, February 25, 4 Comments. Anonymous October 14, at 4: Newer Post Older Post Home.

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Anonymous May 5, at Art is gqme, its not really my preferred style but its not bad or anything and the music has its charms. Anonymous June 1, at 6: Posted by Unknown at 1: To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Luji is a doctor and also helps Toya with his research.


That’s where you can also turn on game text if needed. Honestly I have only heard good things about Koezaru so far koezxru that it was also one of the better r18 otome games next to chou no doku hana no kusari. In the bar to the left of the game window in “options” is machine translation selected?

The part3 of the winrar is broken.