While each conference has an “official” name, members of all conferences refer to themselves generally as Old Order German Baptists. The Old German Baptist Brethren use their own hymn book, of which most members maintain a personal copy. One of the members of the group first baptized Mack, who then, in turn, baptized the other seven. They are noted for several ordinances like believer’s baptism by trine immersion, feet washing , the love feast , a communion of unleavened bread and wine, the holy kiss , and anointing of the sick with oil. Mack along with the seven others believed that both the Lutheran and Reformed churches were taking liberties with the “true” Christianity revealed in the New Testament, so they rejected established liturgy, including infant baptism and existing Eucharistic practices. Members who refused were given 60 days to reconsider their decision without repercussion.


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When there is a question of applications for a specific issue or area of life for which Scripture has no clear mandate, the members gather once a year at their Annual Meeting and consider the issue in light of Scripture, past practices, and current contexts, then voice or vote on it. Rural society Brethren denominations in North America Anabaptist organizations established in the 19th century Radical Pietism. Inthe Brethren Church left the German Baptist Brethren over several matters revolving around ogb from following fleeting fashions and whatever is popular with the world James 4: While living in Schriesheimhis home town, Mack invited Hochmann to come and minister there.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Old German Baptist Brethren are a non-resistant sect, whose young men usually file as conscientious objectors in times of war. In August of the same year five men and three women gathered at the Edera small river that flows through Schwarzenau, to perform baptism as an outward symbol of their new faith.


Peter Becker organized the first American congregation at Germantown, Pennsylvania, on December 25, As a result, he was dis-fellowshipped from the annual meeting of the Brethren. Today the writings of Alexander MackR. They believe Jesus is calling all of us to be disciples, to love and follow Ogb. A lively series of devotional and doctrinal essays continue to appear in the Vindicator each month.

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The style of singing is generally started and led by a congregationally-elected deacon, and is slow, usually in 4 part harmony or unison. Conference representatives were sent to each district congregation in the brotherhood to determine the willingness of each member to accept the report.


This page was last edited on 21 Septemberat Bythe date of the first Brethren baptisms, Mack had rejected this position ogvb favor of forming a separate church with visible rules and ordinances—including threefold baptism by immersion, a Love Feast that combined communion with feetwashing and an evening mealanointing, and use of the “ban” against wayward members. Old Brethren German Baptist membership in was over and growing rapidly, with congregations in Indiana and Missouri.


Published by “The Vindicator”. The more conservative in practice a district may be, the slower the singing tends to be, though the difference may not be immediately obvious to visitors. They touch on many things, including dress, technology, political involvement, and entertainment.

Those who remained silent or did not attend the meeting were assumed to be in ogbv or willing to submit to the decision, and were retained as members. While the Brethren strive for unanimity in any decision, that is difficult to achieve, and often the vote is decided by a very strong majority voice.

The first schism from the general body of German Baptist Brethren occurred inbut more followed after the American Revolutionas different groups sought their own ways. In Beissel led the establishment of a semi-monastic otbb with a convent and a monastery at Ephratain what is now Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. It is one of several Schwarzenau Brethren groups that trace their roots towhen eight believers founded a new church in SchwarzenauGermany.


The majority of Brethren hold a position between the two extremes. Both times, the Miami River Valley group found the rewording ogbbb, and therefore unacceptable. They did not trust the fruit of spiritual innovations, such as Sunday Schools and emotional extended meetings.

Views Read Edit View history. After the divide, those who adopted the use of the automobile placed less stress on annual meeting authority than did the parent body, believing it to be more for edification and teaching.

Those who refused to ogbv the report gave their names, which were recorded and sent to the secretary of the standing committee for processing, and they were disfellowshipped or “put out of the church”. Ex-member Michael Hari contributed two widely circulated books of essays titled Brethren Thinking and One Faith in recent years. Members of the church do not believe in defending themselves against physical attacks outside of war, either.

Old German Baptist Brethren

Around almost all Brethren had relocated to Pennsylvania and they ceased to exist as an organized group in Europe. When asked for a creed, most Old German Baptist Brethren claim that the New Testament is the lgbb thing they have to a creed.

They are noted for several ordinances like believer’s baptism by trine immersion, feet washingthe love feasta communion of unleavened bread and wine, the holy kissand anointing of the sick with oil. Two other minor divisions in the parent body of “Old German Baptist Brethren” occurred in the s resulting in three car driving congregations of total members.