They depend on other software to do what they should do natively. I wish that the software looked a little more modern and not as old fashioned. Further, if a practice user shoul inadvertantly stumble upon something from the internet that our Symantec Endpoint protection should miss, this single issue creates a condidiotn where the malicious code can propogate across the network faster then we could contain it. I have to mention the ridiculous hold time for support. Recommendations to other buyers:

patterson eaglesoft

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Eaglesoft Software

Simplify your software search in just 15 minutes. Not everything is included in the price. If you arent sure where things are they are many different ways to find it.

Eaglesoft has a lot of great features.

The front office complains the ledger makes it difficult to determine from where a balance has come. Once to the workstation and then to Eaglesoft, when once would be sufficient.

They do updates almost yearly. Ease to flow from one page to the next. But it is over the phone, or if you are able to get on the internet, they will do pattersno things that way. In summary, for all of the wonderful capabilities of Eaglesoft that in many ways makes it a “must have” for our practice.

Dental Practice Management Software | Patterson Dental

It is a practice management software and it does manage patient database but really thats it. Only once had an issue that was not able to be immediately addressed, and taken care of.


I felt like I spent a lot of time correcting things, simply because I could not see it well. Development or lack there of Access information on your smartphone, tablet or desktop Easily manage revenue streams and staff schedules from multiple locations A single, simple clinical timeline to consolidate all patient information.

patterson eaglesoft

The treatment planning module lets users present treatment plans to patients and collect consent forms with a digital signature feature. Click on the monitor with the image on it. There isn’t much to not like about this product.

patterson eaglesoft

While I understand that this is normal behavior in historical practices, and even today in smaller practices who choose simplicity vs. Full-featured orthodontic practice management Available in cloud and mobile versions Seamless integration with imaging, patient education and more.

Practice Management

Patetrson is so functional and has so many expanded features to it, it really makes the office run so smoothly! Fuse seamlessly connects each location you manage with multi-location business tools and reporting, allowing you to focus on patient care.

patterson eaglesoft

It’s faster than many of the other softwares out there. Not a huge deal on it’s own, but compared to how much faster it could be when scanning numerous files it gets a bit annoying that this isn’t supported still.


Overall very happy with EagleSoft and would recommend them. Patrerson syncs well with our Patient communication system. Patterson Innovation Connection PIC Learn more about our approved dental technology partners and how they can easily integrate their software solutions with the Eaglesoft.


Ratings Snapshot 5 stars. Reporting effectively needs to be blown up and started over. That being said, it is easy to train someone on this program as well.

EagleSoft Reviews and Pricing –

Eaglesoft has a lot of features and capabilities; it is great to have them all in the same system and able to be easily integrated with other applications we use.

Double booked appointments are displayed side-by-side so they can be identified before a problem arises. Getting around in the patient chart is easy and is easy to get from the billing aspect to the xrays.

The product forces you to have your practice users have local administrative privileges on the workstation – This runs completely counter to the “least privilege” principal of security that states that a user should have the absolute least amount of privileges required to perform a set of tasks.

There are so many better reporting technologies and capabilities that enable template reports to become hundreds of other reports, and Patterson desperately needs to get a 21st century reporting capability added to the product.