Hello guys, it’s CoasterFun. I like how the buildings here are less monumental and stately if that’s the correct word. Main Street USA is finished! March 19, , Thanks toofpikk and Elizabeth for the suggestions to go with pink.

rct3 space mountain mission 2 custom scenery

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Even though I am satisfied with most buildings, I have one problem that applies to almost all of them.

Space mountain mission 2 – Downloads – RCTgo

Visited Disneyland Paris quite recently and you’ve really captured the feel of the entrance. Main Street USA is halfway done now! Especially for the Motors and Delicatessen building. First of all, this is the ice cream parlour of The Gibson Missipn and her annexes: Any comments are welcome! You’re way better at this than you think.

Disneyland Paris in RCT3 (Another) by TheCoasterFun

Save password Lost password. Click the attached shots below. Send me a message.

The intersection of Flower Street and Market Street has been finished completely as you can see below. That’s why I really like this place.


rct3 space mountain mission 2 custom scenery

Spez Not enough space I like how the buildings here are less monumental and stately if that’s the correct word. Best of all i only use 2 custom scenery sets! I know most of you probably think that this is pointless but I can’t stand the feeling of not being completely proud and satisfied with what I made.

rct3 space mountain mission 2 custom scenery

Yeah, that’s the confusing point. I’m really impressed with your buildings, and Walt’s Restaurant is one of the nicest Main Street buildings I’ve seen. Sceneery the parked loaded, my tracks were set invisible because of the Space Simulator. Your castle is charming! However, I’m still not very satisfied with the pavement I use now.

Like why are you so obsessed with me.

Space Mountain: Mission 2

This is not “just another” DLP recreation. Renee Feu Adventure Park – Africa Finally, to end with I started working on the rest of the actual Main Street. See below, the photos. Logged Elizabeth shyguy’s World Rocks! It’s not a wishing well just yet just a couple of benches from the StationJimJr gardening set but I’m still finding something that looks better than this.


After a long easter weekend, i’ve been able to finish main street usa the street itself.

Main Street USA is finished! It’s on the left hand side of the Liberty Arcade: These are the annexes of Casey’s Corner.

February 08, Let me know what you guys think is a good alternative! The little turnaround area is one of my favorites, and of course the gorgeous plaza restaurant. FlyingDutchman7 FD7 Amusement.