Sometimes our calls with Transportation Directors get interrupted because of the many hats these Directors wear. The hybrid system was specifically designed for transit fleets that want multiple high-definition views inside and outside the vehicle while preserving their analog camera investment. Other standard features include an integrated G-sensor that monitors vehicle inertia against pre-set G-force thresholds red-flagging events exceeding the thresholds to quickly find for review, and, for vMax Commander-based systems, a Smart-Stop bus battery saver that automatically oversees earliest power down of the DVR based on wireless download scheduling needs. Touting agency career ladder key to recruit bus technicians. Post a Comment Please fill out all the fields to comment on story. This means you need only one hard drive docking station to support all video retrieval needs for your Seon-equipped fleet. We need to face some very hard facts.

seon vmax 3 software

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In order to do their jobs properly, those who are responsible for students need a reliable way to communicate student and bus data to Whitepapers Thinking about automation?

See What Really Happened — vmad When View video synchronized with vehicle telemetry data location, speed, signals for better event context.

Top Bus Fleets Survey: In the event of a category five hurricane, this transportation could have been the difference between life and death. Protect Driver and Passenger Privacy Offering privacy protection through proprietary software and SmartBlur technology to blur faces across an entire video clip. Seon brings new vision to transit, school bus fleets.


Also standard is a new video protection feature that allows for a graceful shutdown in case of a sudden power loss such as an accident — storing precious seconds of buffered video to the DVR hard drive for later review.

seon vmax 3 software

More Sovtware Palm Vmxa prioritized helping most vulnerable during Hurricane Dorian In the event of a category five hurricane, this transportation could have been the difference between life and death. Please note that every comment is moderated. Dual hard drive support for four terabytes of storage capacity ensures maximum video retention time.

Transit agencies use video evidence to help them reduce liability and provide an extra layer of safety and security for bus operators and passengers alike.

seon vmax 3 software

Transit works to boost ridership, services. We need to face some very hard facts. Charging tech key to bringing urban air softwate to the masses.

How do we really drive the numbers down?

Seon launches new hybrid video surveillance system – Security and Safety – Metro Magazine

The HX16 hybrid DVR fmax 12 standard resolution analog and four high-definition IP cameras for a total of 16 video and audio channels.

Security and Safety Seon launches new hybrid video surveillance system Posted on June 23, Hybrid support allows selection of the widest range of camera options to suit the needs of every fleet. New MIMO antenna eson transit. Transit tech now in national security discussions. But not all fleets who make use of video surveillance Work Truck Magazine The number 1 resource for vocational truck fleets. Click on the GPS track to view video from a specific location on your route.


Bus Video Software | vMax® View | Video Playback Software | Seon

Touting agency career ladder key to recruit bus technicians. Serving school transportation professionals in the U. This hybrid system supports both analog and IP cameras so you can introduce high-definition camera views as eeon and budget allow.

Easily Locate Incidents and Create Clips Quickly locate an on-board incident and easily create a video clip for evidence. To address the needs of easy and fast softtware, this high-definition dome features plug-and-play installation with power over Ethernet POEwhich eliminates the need to run separate power wiring.

Packed with powerful features, this hybrid digital video recorder will help fleet managers prepare for the vmx of video surveillance while letting them choose the pace. Yes, you should be concerned about what the OEM installs.

Seon launches new hybrid video surveillance system

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