Daily events hosted by GM. WoW Cataplus Simplemente wow Version 4. Shaiya XTC – Kill or get killed. PvP Reward System Instant levels for pvp! Bump need more players. Hello, UpRoar Shaiya returns after taking a break for a while, we have come back for good. A game that always will have something to do!

shaiya uproar

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The Server could be good, so was Creation of Shaiya, but the Server went down due to the lack of active players. A bit skeptical about that, I do not like massive stat point servers. Dark Requiem Shaiya Reloaded Episode 6 content, very much great layout, best pvp rewards, tons great features you will be addicted to for the end of your life.

Server Running EP 5. High Rates, No Crash.

As always this is a level Funserver!! Ned staff can you be lucky one to win GM level.


shaiya uproar

Ye we need more players! A game that always will have something to do! Removed useless Gatekeepers and maps 5. Simply apply patch and join today. Custom Events with rewards. Join and have fun!

Unleashed Fear Unleashed Fear is a text based mafia mmorpg! Shaiya UpRoar Server Features http: For more Informations indeed, you should take a look into the XTC forum in the near future.

shaiya uproar

Welcome to the real War, already! The best place to become a God. For more information, visit our shxiya. Dungeon Finder is available. Join usyou will no regret!

Shaiya UpRoar PVP Server !!!

Shaiya XTC is here to provide the best Shaiya playing exerience out there. Custom Bosses and vote rewards to upgrade your gear. I Server is from: MC Flip, I’ve played Uproar from the beginning and its the most balanced ep5 server iv’e ever played. Money bag drops in most maps and gets you 5 mil gold when you npc it 9. PvP Reward System Instant levels for pvp! Off Points per level: The time now is All free only here. Check out our Shaiya Promotion Video.


Gods of Shaiya [Ep4. Economie foarte bunaWar mereuUn sistem de vehicule personale foarte avansat.

♥ Shaiya Uproar ♥ EP6 ♥

Shaiya XTC – Kill or get killed. Warden Anti-Cheat is implemented. You will sure be dosed with thrill and excitement. Great community, over