Symantec was notified of an unauthorized path traversal vulnerability in the configuration tool download file. Viewing variables used in a virtual software layer. Let us know if you have additional comments below. Creating an empty template for use with command line. Using the Virtual Composer Command line interface. Run both firewall and anti-malware applications, at a minimum, to provide multiple points of detection and protection to both inbound and outbound threats.

symantec workspace virtualization 7.5

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Symantec™ Workspace Virtualization User’s Guide

About the management of virtual software layers. Supported platforms for the Workspace Virtualization Agent. Installing the Workspace Virtualization Agent silently. This will clear the history and restart the chat.

symantec workspace virtualization 7.5

Run under the principle of least privilege where possible to limit the impact of exploit by threats. An authenticated console user could manipulate this same file to read any file on the host system.

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Viewing the properties of a virtual software layer. Hiding a layer from other layers or from the operating system. Using the Virtual Composer Command line interface. Ignoring the global exclude list for a single layer in Virtual Composer. Editing the registry settings of a virtual software layer in SWV Admin. System requirements for the Browser Selector Object. This file did not properly check file authorization.


Subscribe Unsubscribe from this virtualisation. These types of unauthorized file read access could potentially provide sufficient information to stage additional exploit attempts against the application or the host system.

About updating a virtual software layer in SWV Admin. Follow a multi-layered approach to security. Exporting a virtual software layer to Extensible Package Format.

Uninstalling the Workspace Virtualization Agent. Testing the Browser Selector Object using a default site.

Symantec Workspace Virtualization and Streaming Integration and SDK

The Application shortcuts page and the Metering configurations page. Creating a layer patch to update a virtual software layer in SWV Admin. OnEvent action entry pairs that are not supported at the layer level. Was this Article Helpful?

Restrict access to administration or management systems to privileged users.

symantec workspace virtualization 7.5

Creating an Internet Explorer virtual software layer. Installing the Symantec Workspace Virtualization Agent. Thanks for your feedback.

Adding a delete entry workspacr a virtual software layer in SWV Admin. Symantec Workspace Streaming SWS and Workspace Virtualization SWV management consoles were susceptible to a path traversal in a file download configuration file that could allow a malicious user who could access the vulnerable file to view unauthorized application files of specific file types.


symantec workspace virtualization 7.5

Virtualisation a global user profile exclude entry in Virtual Composer. Creating an application layer using Global capture. Adding a layer exclude entry in Virtual Composer.

Editing the files in a virtual software layer in SWV Admin. Disabling the Browser Selector Object temporarily. Renaming a virtual software layer in SWV Admin. About packaging with Symantec Virtual Composer.