If you want, edit the Thumbnail frame rate. A message appears asking for confirmation. Open the Windows Control Panel. Set the Width of the digital ink to between 1 and 32 pixels 4. In the Quiz view, you can create, edit or delete a quiz, add a quiz created under another Teacher ID or in the stand-alone Quiz Wizard , import a quiz from a text file and distribute a quiz to your class or a group. For more information on creating and selecting Teacher IDs, see page Enter the File Name.

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Internet Connection Firewalls Before you install SynchronEyes software, ensure there isn t an active Internet connection firewall on the computer. To synchorneyes a quiz in another program 1.

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If you don t define your Teacher ID during the installation, you must define it the first time you use the software. The Customized Marking dialog box appears. Ssynchroneyes Connecting dialog box appears. Enter the Correct Response and up to four Incorrect Responses. Vote — The student has yet to respond to a vote.

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Select Create a new class list. If you activate syynchroneyes block on a list of restricted applications, a message appears asking for confirmation. A blue border appears around the selected question. This icon provides menu options that enables students to connect to a teacher, synchrkneyes to a different teacher, exit SynchronEyes software, join a group, ask the teacher a question, cast a vote, chat with the teacher or other students, submit responses to a quiz, submit a file to the teacher and browse files sent by the teacher.


synchroneyes 6

If you want to apply the block to all of your students, click the All Sybchroneyes tab. However, you can allow colleagues limited access to SynchronEyes software so that they can monitor your class.

If you want to try to connect to one or more of these students again, select the Student Name and click Retry.

synchroneyes 6

If you want to, select a different Color from the list. If you want to enable or disable student chat for your whole class, click the All Students tab.

Monitoring and Controlling Students 35 4.

When you close SynchronEyes software, it clears the result summaries from the Quiz view. However, you still have complete control of the class lists.

However, you can select a different Teacher ID, and your customized profile loads automatically. What s New in SynchronEyes Software 7. To save your list as a new class list, select the Save this class synchrnoeyes for future use option and type a new Class List Name.

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You can also change font settings by highlighting text and using the formatting buttons in the toolbar. When a student creates a new message in the SynchronEyes Student Chat dialog box, this message appears on your desktop in the History window of the Chat view.


Any Web addresses you don’t include in this list are blocked. The Chat view displays all the messages, including the messages between students. The Quiz view synchronetes your students results synchroneyea a class average. If you want, enter a new file name. We cannot be held liable More information. Select the question from which you want to remove the image. Controlling Teacher Aides Teacher aides can monitor your class only if you select the Allow Teacher Aides option and you accept their syynchroneyes to join.

To add an image to a question using the drag and drop feature 1. TIP For easier file management, create separate chat folders for each group, and enter the current date as part of the file name.

SynchronEyes Classroom Management Software |

The other students can’t view the question or the reply. Home Optometry Doctors Dr. Consider using a customized lock-out message to communicate with students who are not focusing on their work. When the file is paused, the Pause button becomes a Play button.