Sorta okay with it. If we try and leave this time this would become unbalanced. At first, Reborn thought it would involve Tsuna don’t they always? Anyway, I noticed ever since Collonelo came Reborn just got… weird. That was roughly during Primo’s time, when the second set of bearers came and inherited the Vongola set. You were the kind of wife who welcomed him home with a warm smile and an even warmer embrace. Thank you for the prompt, Enma; I had loads of fun.


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Nice to be back guys! Of being able to know what you smelled like.


It had taken him to the point where he dreamed of feeling your smile against his lips. I was reading a lot of stories like this that was sort of the fad back then and was disappointed at how most of them ended in haitus, I decided to take things into my own hands.

The boy may not have realized the significance of his actions but Reborn did. Mammon merely complained why he didn’t get to be paid for just being here. Byebye Ezkabanza Family Reborn frowned, it’s been three weeks since they were left deeply unsettled, as if something had shifted from its proper place and is now teetering on the edge of a knife.


And then came the other mafia families. It had taken him to the point where he would press himself against that looking glass wanting a chance to feel the glide of your fingers across his own skin.

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The rest already knew it was pointless to listen to Skull anyway. Filter by post type All posts.


I don’t own KHR. Their children grow up believing they have always been here, and in a way, maybe they have. Gokudera was almost grinding his teeth to dust but he composed himself and said, “That’s right Tenth. It was a suicidal plan.


The way the mad scientist ttrinisette it left a dark mood on the seven. What else could there be? A suffering that can only be comforted by the closing of his eyes and seeing through the gaze of his parallel self.

Without the Arcobaleno, the world would be hanging dangerously with the threat of it collapsing. Waking up to see that his other self had come through space and time with him and merely taking on the form of Dying Trinnisette Flames made him crazy with fury at his own failure to achieve the one goal he desired.


Trinisette, Unleashed Series

Story Story Writer Forum Community. He could do it! But through all his parallel selves there was one version of him that had come to be his favorite.

Gosh, I remember writing this while I was in high school, young, bright and annoyingly giddy. A sense of dread trniisette making itself slowly known as it crept into his thoughts. It had to be it.


Actually, Tsuna has been silent the whole day. They assembled for the first time since after the Trials.

It was no coincidence, Reborn thought. So where the hell I’m going with this? Stupid moments nevertheless but still. The madness that overwhelmed him consumed the rest of his sanity. Every single day without you by his own side was pure, unadulterated torture. Don’t ask but I just know. Why did he feel trinistte the world is wrong? Both were suddenly alert.