More Team Gunk invasion. Posted September 2, by Fuzzyketchup. How far does the Alpha goes? Wrong Pass HackRomTools not this pass ;-;. This site requires Internet Explorer 8 or higher. HackRomTools is the password for everything on this site.

yape 0.9 pokemon

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Send a private message to Banjora Marxvile. Get rid of A-tack.

yape 0.9 pokemon

Light Rising is now cancel due to bugs that can’t get fix. How’s Light Rising A: Originally Posted by SuperChespinX. There is really it a problem with basic statistics on Italian ROMs? New overworld sprites characters I need a overworld spriter. Yaape More Posts by Strife Pbut I can give a rundown of errors in the screenshots.

How do I increase how many moves a Pokemon can learn in Y.A.P.E. ? | Yahoo Answers

Have you guys play this alpha. It looks neater, but if you are referring to the type, that is OK. Hey, my name is Banjora Marxvile.

yape 0.9 pokemon

Did you possibly solve that somehow? Posted September 3, by Fuzzyketchup.

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I have tried multiple different roms from different sites. YAPE You are here: Posted September 2, by Banjora Marxvile. Badly, Team Gunk caught Dianice and put her in the harden cage and no one has heard for Dianice again until, Professor Oak has find the rare diamond on the ground yqpe his lab and them he research about this rare diamond and it one of pieces from Dianice therefore she must left the piece of the diamond so Professor Oak is research more about Dianice.


yape 0.9 pokemon

Archived Hacks Any In Development hacks that have had no activity in at least 1. This is the second game that made by SuperChespinX. Kyurem artwork by XOUS. Find More Posts by DarkTammer. Relevant Tools You seem to be using pomemon older version of Internet Explorer.

If you have any questions or anything you want tto ask, please don’t hesitate. We are in the process of transferring some of our yap resources, and the forum is open for posting.


There are two dropdowns for held items Held Item 1 and Held Item 2. I hate to bother you good folks, but before i download it, is the file in spanish?

What happening on Beta 1. As some of you may already be aware, we have begun construction of a new forum as a rebirth of PHO and continuing on into future projects. Anyways this game is about one of the secret legendary Pokemon, Dianice. Remember that these files are password protected, and the password is: Last edited by SuperChespinX; 16th August at Dianice is the one that created jewels such as diamonds.


I’ve been out of the Pokemon Hacking scene for a little bit now, and I honestly don’t know what tools are relevant, and what tools aren’t. Page 1 of 3.

Posted September 2, by Fuzzyketchup.